Air Conditioning Maintenance

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When you fail to do an air conditioning maintenance on your HVAC system properly, it can result in serious damage, sometimes requiring a full HVAC repair or ac unit replacement. A well-maintained HVAC unit will assure a higher quality of indoor air and lower utility bills. The need for proper HVAC maintenance exists, remember to call Hometown Heating and Air of Central Florida at (813) 773-6500 to schedule your maintenance appointment. Let the HVAC experts at Hometown Heating and Air of Central Florida make heating and air conditioning system maintenance easy for you the HVAC Maintenance Membership; designed specifically to make maintenance easier and less expensive for our customers.

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  • More affordable than scheduling appointments one by one
  • You never forget to schedule maintenance service
  • Save money on utility bills by keeping HVAC unit clean.
  • Regular maintenance can catch problems early, saving you money
  • Energy Star recommends maintenance to prevent future problems and unwanted costs

The Maintenance Membership program at Hometown Heating and Air of Central Florida helps to assure a cool and comfortable summer while providing warm, worry-free winters. Hometown Heating and Air of Central Florida offers a maintenance membership service with a 32-point tune-up and service in both summer and winter. 

Hometown Heating and Air of Central Florida has a Maintenance Membership that saves you money in other ways too. We offer our members a 10% discount on parts and labor. If we find a problem with your air conditioning unit, and you decide to let us repair your system, we can later take the cost of repair and credit it towards new equipment. In addition, if you have simple water leaks or drainage issues, we will fix those small problems for you free of charge.

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For more information, contact Hometown Heating and Air of Central Florida. Learn more about our services and sign up for our money-saving maintenance membership program. Easily the best deal for HVAC maintenance in Central Flroida!

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Membership

32 Point Tune Up

During both winter and summer, we offer a 32 point tune up. With such drastic weather, this is very important to help keep summers cool and winters warm.

Save Money On Parts

Save up to 10% on both parts and labor when you sign up. If we find a repair and are hired to fix it, we can credit cost of repair towards new equipment.

We Do Small Fixes

During an air conditioning maintenance service call if we see a small problem like water leaks and drainage issues, we'll fix it for free. Catching these problems early can help prevent hvac repair with hundreds or thousands in damage later.

Routine Maintenance

We'll keep your HVAC unit up to date with a routine maintenance schedule set up for your convenience. We'll change your filters so you don't have too.