The Importance of Air Conditioning For Your Family

Air conditioning keeps your family both warm and cold, but it also can help to keep them healthy.

Often times we can forget to do the routine maintenance on our air filters. Sometimes letting them go months without getting the proper attention; a thorough cleaning or even a simple replacement. At the Hometown Air, we offer a maintenance plan to better help you take away the stress of having to change your own air filters regularly. But, we also want to walk you through a simple 3-4 step process of cleaning your own air filters to better provide clean air to your family. 

  1. Remove filter from locked location
  2. Vacuum lightly with brush attachment
  3. Wash with warm water; use baking soda to eliminate any odors
  4. Let the filter completely dry out; and then reinstall. 

What Not To Do

  • NEVER reinstall air filter if it is wet. 
  • Don't attempt to wash filter in washer or dishwasher
  • DO NOT use the air conditioner if the filter is still out of place. 
  • Don't let your filter go 60-90 days without changing it.